Euphoria 2 Has Been Given The Green Light To Start Filming

The cast of Euphoria Season 2 has been given the green light to start filming forthe show’s second season, fans are getting to work and eagerlypredicting what could possibly happen following last season’s shocking finale.As we all still lose stay over the major cliffhanger that went down after the first season of HBO’s Euphoria, new […] More

Bring Back Hannah Montana? Miley Cyrus Is ‘Ready’ For

Miley Cyrus might even have plans to bring Hannah Montana back!How epic that would be ?!Miley Cyrus, like many people, reflected on what a Hannah Montana reboot would look like in 2020.This year, a lot of our favorite shows are talking about rebooting, whileothers like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Pretty Little Liars already […] More

Ariana Grande Could Be Releasing New Album On The Way?

if you’ve been keeping an eye fixed on Ariana Grande’s social media pages in the week, you’ll have noticed that she’s hinting at new music.So we rounded up all the explanations why we expect AG6 is coming before we expect.Alright, so over the past couple years, we’ve been blessed not one but TWO Ariana Grande […] More

Joey King says she won’t date another actor in the relationship

“I think it’s great to date someone in your field who understands but doing the exact same thing as someone is tough. It’s really tough.” Ever since The Kissing Booth 2 let down the personal lives of its stars, Joey King (Elle Evans), Jacob Elordi (Noah Flynn), and Taylor Zakhar Perez (Marco Valentin Peña) have […] More

After the delay due to pandemic, this is the date of iPhone 12 production

It is known that Apple, used to launch its main iPhone production in September of each year, but this year it was very different from the Corona virus, which caused a delay and fleet of a number of the company’s plans, led by the launch of Apple 12, except that the new information talks about […] More

Trump is tweeting about professional wrestling on 25th anniversary on Smackdown

On Friday, it was confirmed that more than 52,000 Americans died due to coronaviruses, much more than any other country in the world. On Saturday, Donald Trump tweeted about professional wrestling. No, that’s not what Donald Trump calls “fake news” but it’s something that really happened. WWE owner, Vince McMahon, a close friend and assistant […] More

creepiest objects a British Museums start a challenge online

beware. These objects do not come from the timid – mummified fingers, characters from cattle mermaids, and haunting dolls. Installed in collections from museums around the world, they have now appeared on social networks thanks to an online challenge from the Yorkshire Museum in the United Kingdom. Although they may not have been open to […] More

Animals can be sacrificed to feed others

The coronavirus pandemic is pushing people around the world to make tough decisions. In some countries, doctors have to choose which patient to save over another, in a German zoo some animals can be sacrificed to feed others. yes, The COVID-19 pandemic is also affecting animals and they risk death. Venera Kaspari, director of the […] More

10 Bored Peoples Lost All Chill While Being Stuck At Home

Many Americans suddenly find themselves stuck at home for a while. Some of us have children at home with us, some of us have to work from home, while others are simply there because our work is on break. Nowadays, quarantine and lockdown are the new standards as cities try to contain the virus, most […] More