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Coronavirus Challenge on social networks

Coronavirus Challenge
Coronavirus Challenge

Good cleanliness is the initial phase in the battle against the coronavirus. However, this influencer urges individuals to do the inverse on Tik-Tok.

an influencer throws a very dangerous Coronavirus Challenge on social networks

While the entire world is battling against the coronavirus, this young lady is having a fabulous time-defying a rudimentary cleanliness guideline. In a video about TikTok, Ava Louise, a 21-year-old influencer, recorded herself licking the can situate of a plane. She additionally tested web clients.

The influencer asks her subscribers to share her video with the mention “coronavirus challenge”. But obviously, people did not appreciate his joke : “people are so desperate to have 15 minutes of glory ? “, “It’s just disgusting even without the current hysteria “.

Addressed by People, Ava Louise affirmed the impression of web clients : she had made the video to expand her reputation.

Her reaction about conceivable sullying is unnerving: she can’t come down with COVID-19 in light of the fact that the sickness “just influenced poor people”.

Please never do this at home.

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