creepiest objects a British Museums start a challenge online


beware. These objects do not come from the timid – mummified fingers, characters from cattle mermaids, and haunting dolls. Installed in collections from museums around the world, they have now appeared on social networks thanks to an online challenge from the Yorkshire Museum in the United Kingdom.

Although they may not have been open to visitors during the COVID-19 crisis, the Yorkshire Museum in the UK has challenged museums on Twitter to share the scariest items in their collections.

The Yorkshire Museum launched #curatorbattle On Friday, April 17 by tweeting to museums around the world with a picture of a bun from a Roman tomb dating from the 3rd or 4th century. Since then, dozens of institutions have participated.
this challenge will allow curators and specialists to find the most bizarre and breathtaking objects in their collections.

The presentation of the museums in Yorkshire seems quite harmless at first glance, a hair bun from the third or fourth century until you read that it has been taken from the burial site of a Roman woman.

can you beat it?

With the challenge, “can you beat it?” The tweets began to appear with a photo of other strange objects in exhibits in museums across the country.

The items displayed online with images of strange and scary objects, including scary dolls, bizarre mermaids, and even a witch in a bottle, a skeletal body, and white hair and thin feathers, the creature looks like a crossbreed between birds and fish.

For those who dare or If you think you can stomach it, the hashtags #CuratorBattle For a more pleasant virtual museum experience, here are some world-class institutions you can tour online.

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