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Newborn baby struggles for life

Newborn baby struggles for life after mother's new boyfriend shoots him in the chest
Newborn baby struggles for life after mother's new boyfriend shoots him in the chest

An innocent boy just over 1-month-old fights for his life in a San Antonio, Texas hospital after being shot in the chest by his mother’s new boyfriend Lance Tello Jr. Armani Cazares 19 years was not the only victim that night there – police say Tello also shot his own mother and sister of 14 years – but the mother Armani, Daisy Delacruz, 18, s’ expresses and requests prayers for his son.

Delacruz had broken up with Armani’s father before he was born on February 25 and started dating Tello when she was 4 months pregnant, Fox San Antonio reported. After Armani’s birth, Tello treated the newborn like a son, said the mom at the news station. The couple did not live together, but Delacruz and Armani would stay with Tello at his family’s home over the weekend.

Tello told Delacruz on Friday that he felt stressed by his work six days a week at Maruchan Texas Inc’s ramen noodle factory. He asked her if she would pick him up early at work.

When they got home, Tello looked normal

Then things took a sudden turn. Tello turned to Delacruz and told him that he no longer wanted to hold the baby. She told the news station that he had become very calm and that she went to take a shower.

“He just tipped over. He was normal, then he turned into someone else,” she said. “Completely silent. Completely silent with a Bible.”

At 2 a.m., Tello was still out of order.

Later that night, in Tello’s room, the mom asked her boyfriend to let him know what was going on.

“And I talk to her and say,” I’m sorry you feel like that, but can you just talk to me? “But he refused.

Delacruz said Tello got up and looked in the mirror before going under the mattress and taking out a gun.

“He has no emotion on his face,” she recalls that terrifying moment. “He just looks at me with that evil look.”

Tello turned from the mirror, cocked his gun and pointed it.

“You’re not going to shoot my baby,” she told him.

Before she could push him away, the gun went off.

The mother said after the explosion that she was “deaf”.

“Then I turn around and see my son,” she said. “My son is on the ground and he turns blue.”

Tello reportedly turned the gun on his mother and 49-year-old sister before leaving their home.

Tello’s mother and sister are expected to recover fully.

Police managed to find Tello a few blocks from the house and arrested him. Tello is being held at Bexar County jail on bail set at $ 500,000.

Meanwhile, Armani was rushed to intensive care from the university hospital.

Her doctors said things looked bleak.

“Now the doctors tell me he is not going to get there. There is no hope. He is practically brain dead,” said Delacruz. “It’s a nightmare. My son was here and now he isn’t anymore.”

She said her son’s doctors were just waiting for the “ok” to remove it from the ventilator, but “I’m not going to do it anytime soon,” she said. “I don’t want to let go yet.”

A GoFundMe account has been created to raise funds for Armani’s medical expenses.

So far, the crowfunding page has raised over $ 6,500 for Armani invoices.

“The bullet entered his chest and came out of the back of the neck,” Delacruz’s sister Michelle Montez wrote on April 6. “[She] affected her lungs and broke her vertebrae. He was operated on for 3.5 hours, doctors say he suffers from brain damage due to lack of oxygen.”

“My sister is not in her state of mind with just my mother by her side,” added Montez.

Delacruz told Fox San Antonio that Armani was the baby she should never have had.

Mom was told that she couldn’t have children, so she considers her son a “miracle”.

“When I saw it, I instantly fell in love,” she said. And the betrayal of Tello’s alleged actions is still fresh.

“I was mad at him,” she said. “And then my anger turned to sadness because I loved him. And I thought he loved me and my son.”

Delacruz said she was not yet ready to say goodbye to her son.

“Keep praying,” she urged people to read her story. “I know there is still hope.”

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