Russia announces the development of (antivirus) an effective treatment for Corona patients

Russia announces the development of antivirus
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Russia announces the development of (antivirus)
Russia announces the development of (antivirus)

The Russian Federal Agency for Medicine and Biology announced that it could develop a drug to treat the disease caused by the “Covid-19” Coronavirus, on the basis of an anti-malarial drug, mefloquine.

The agency said in a statement that its productive scientific center, “Farm Zashita”, “succeeded in developing a plan to treat coronavirus infection on the basis of the drug” mefloquine “anti-malaria, taking advantage of the Chinese and French experiences.”

She added that the new drug “selectively prevents high-cellular morbidity caused by the Coronavirus, and prevents its reproduction, while the immunosuppressive effect of” mefloquine “impedes the activation of the inflammatory response caused by the virus.

She emphasized that “adding antibiotics from the group of macrolides and artificial penicillin to the treatment system not only leads to the patient’s infection with viral bacterial infections resulting from a” secondary infection “, but also increases the concentration of the substance in the blood and lungs plasma, which provides effective treatment for patients.”

The statement added that the experts of the “Farm Zashita” Center developed this treatment method, taking into account the recommendations of the World Health Organization, noting that the agency submitted to the Russian Ministry of Health a proposal to include the drug and the treatment plan in its methodological recommendations on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of “Covid-19” infection.

The agency stressed at the end of the statement that adopting the new treatment, including for the prevention of the virus, would overcome the peak of the epidemic and control it effectively and efficiently in the future.




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