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Samsung’s Galaxy S20 & Z Flip introduction and the powerful zoom

Samsung's Galaxy S20 and Z Flip
Samsung's Galaxy S20 and Z Flip

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 & Z Flip introduction and the powerful zoom of the camera system with 64 megapixels, takes smartphone photography to the next level, so when you need to crop an image don’t worry, as twenties resolution is so sharp that even when you do crop your photo remains crisp and clear.

High resolution isn’t just useful for viewing pictures, it’s also useful when you’re taking them when you need to get closer or want the subject to be the only thing in the frame you need Zoom, Galaxy s20 space Zoom you can get up to 30 times closer.

Withe single take mode Samsung’s Galaxy S20 & Z Flip uses AI to capture different versions that exact same moment, using each of different cameras, just take a short clip up to 10 seconds and single-take captures different versions a game-winning goal, by Focus Boomerang video ultra-wide and a lot more.

Then when you finish shooting gives a handful those best shots, so you can pick your favorites thanks that’s 20 super high resolution you can capture videos and stunning 8K, in fact, we built in a tire 8K ecosystem.

You can shoot 8K footage from the camera in your pocket, upload it to YouTube over 5G Network, and use tap you to cast it to your 8K led TV, that way you can enjoy your high-quality video right on the big screen.

record a video, then scroll through the footage to find the perfect moment, and with a single click you’ll get a 33 megapixel still photo with amazing resolution, you can crap any friend and always get a high-quality picture.

promo you can adjust aperture exposure, and settings that you usually have control over with a DSLR, we’ve been and had super study mode so you can take sharper videos on the go.

thanks to an I motion analysis and an anti-rolling stabilizer, every incredible Innovation you’ve heard about so far from, 8K video to promo to sharing is available on all three models of the Galaxy s20 series.

Samsung’s Galaxy and the powerful zoom S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra. With revolutionary 8K Video Snap changing how you capture not just video, but photography — and 5G changing the way you share it. Add in Samsung Knox security, an intelligent battery, powerful processor, and massive storage — and the Galaxy S20 series unveils a whole new world for mobile.

Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra the powerful zoom with 108 megapixels

If the people want, even more, the serious professional photographers who need the best of the best we’re proud to introduce the Galaxy S 20 Ultra.

 you want high resolution it has an unbelievable 108 megapixel AI camera, with a camera this high-quality, picture zoom in any one part, and you practically get a photo albums worth of detail in a single shot.

the camera with this resolution it’s going to take some of the best brightest photos I’ve ever seen, that’s because Samsung’s pioneering and none of it and Technology combined 9 pixels into one, all of the sensor level using an I had, just means that each pixel is larger than ever before and can capture three times more light in every image.

For camera Zoom usually need more focal length, which means a book your device, but when it comes to smartphones that are in a great option, you want the device to stay as thin as possible, so we built it with a folded lens, when the light enters to tell a lens it’s refracted angle, producing a powerful Zoom effect.


COMPARE THE MODELS of Samsung s20, s20+ and s20 ULtra
COMPARE THE MODELS of Samsung s20, s20+, and s20 ULtra

the folded lens allows erupted 10 x hybrid optic Zoom, now multiply that with 10x digital zoom, and you can magnify shot up to 100 times, That what you expect from a telescope.

For more information, you can visit the Samsung website here

Netflix announced as Samsung attainment partner

Netflix is being announced as Samsung attainment partner
Netflix is being announced as Samsung attainment partner

Today Netflix announced that Samsung mobile attainment as a partner, the mission of the sponsorship, to make the Netflix viewing experience on Samsung mobile the absolute best it can be.

this means, that even more users can enjoy our best-in-class stories across all genres through, even better product integration with Galaxy mobile devices.

And to make it even more exciting, in the coming months, Samsung Mobile users will have access to a whole host, of new and exciting bonus content based on some of your favorite, Netflix originals. accessible through Samsung daily and Samsung channels.

Let’s say you’re looking for a new movie or show, with S 20 you’ll be able to ask Bixbether to play “Stranger Things”, or type of tile right into your phone search bar, in seconds it’ll come up on your Netflix app. if you’re looking for something new no problem.

 we’ve integrated Netflix on your Samsung daily page. The recommendations based on what you already watch and with 5G, you’ll be able to take your entertainment, anywhere you go, if you’re boarding a plane but forgot to download a movie or show, don’t worry, with 5G you can download them in a Flash.

Gaming on Samsung’s Galaxy S20 & Z Flip its a new level

The s20 takes gaming to a whole new level, the displays on all 3 S 20 models at 120-hertz, refresh rate for incredibly smooth gameplay, we also double touch response rates we can game with less touch lag. 

the s20 also comes with up to 16 gigabytes of RAM and its power by Next Generation memory technology Samsung lpddr5.

Xbox game studios bringing for the street to smartphones for the very first time across Galaxy devices.

we’re announcing, that for just rate is now available for pre-registration of the Galaxy store, so go check it out, with our 5G enabled for folios, and Microsoft’s Rich history in gaming we are working closely together, to create a premium cloud-based game streaming experience, and you’ll hear more about it later this year, introducing Galaxy buds plus.

buds plus don’t just have one speaker they have to optimize for a high notes 1 for base.

Spotify makes the S20 better

thanks to our partnership with Spotify, with one simple long press on the side of your buds, you got to recommend this song space on your music history, instead of the standard to my STEEZ buds have three.

so even if you’re calling from a crowded street, your buds plus will pick up your voice Ambient sound so they can hear sounds more clearly and adjust the volume when you need to be aware of your surroundings.

with wireless charging and wireless power-sharing, you don’t need any cords or connectors .lets say ou in the Subway, in the 3 minutes it takes to get from one stop to the next you can get enough charge to the next, you can get enough charge about an hour of playtime.

once your buds splice are fully charged Duralast to whopping 11 hours, and with a charging case, you can get another 11 hours for a total of 22.

that’s enough to power the world’s longest flight in a delay, soon you can get a pair of your own on February 14th for $149, from March 6th you can get a Samsung’s Galaxy S20 & Z Flip with the powerful zoom of your own starting at 999.

The prices today it’s reducing on the Galaxy S10, and soon S10, users will get some of the gray features or software updates. 

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