The confinement leads to the return of Chatroulette

The confinement leads to the return of Chatroulette
The confinement leads to the return of Chatroulette

The principle: activate your webcam and click from one user to a different one. What creates surprising encounters-of which we might do well, sometimes.

Containment leads to the return of Chatroulette

Created in 2009 by a 17 yearold Russian Student, Chatroulette exploded in the early 2010s.

At that time, social networks weren’t as widespread as today, and therefore the site embodied an intriguing window into the planet – or rather, people of this world – that few resisted opening.

We connected easily, at any age, we launched our webcam and we went from one user to another without any other form of a trial than a quick click.

We met Dutch, American, Russian, then penises. many penises. It must be believed that any online exhibition stirs up exhibitionists in need of public.

It (very) quickly became the favourite place for alittle amateur porn show for free of charge , which also alerted the protection of youngsters . “The principle is extremely nice but it had been recovered by a category of individuals ,” explained in February 2010 Justine Atlan, director of the association E-childhood, Europe 1. “When testing, we realized that each three clicks, we came across the image, in close-up, of men masturbating.” Critical. We believed the story buried, also because the eponymous song of Max Boublil-and his notoriety for that matter : we were wrong.

The confinement leads to the return of Chatroulette
The confinement leads to the return of Chatroulette (Credit: elenaleonova/ gettyimages)

Confined and lonely

With the confinement, and therefore the obligation for the population to remain well-behaved at home, the platform has resumed more beautiful. In an interview with Society, founder Andrey Ternovskiy even confides that audiences have almost doubled in two months: “you see, on January 3, I had 57,000 visits each day . Today I even have 100,000.”Nothing to try with the 800 000 daily at its creation, but a figure that also testifies to the collective boredom. Or an urgent need for communication with the surface world.

“People are trying to find longer, deeper, more qualitative exchanges,” Andrew Done comments to the French magazine, technical director of Chatroulette.

In March 2019, the site’s statistics make sure that digital “encounters” last seven times longer than before. Another rather revealing fact: 20 you look after the traffic would come from France and Italy (respectively 8 and 12 you look after this visitors·, countries confined until further notice, and clearly lacking contact. However, the source doesn’t indicate whether the random appearance of unknown sexes has decreased. If we doubt it, we’ll stick with Instagram.




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