The King of Thailand “confines” with a harem of 20 young women

The King of Thailand
The King of Thailand "confines" with a harem of 20 young women
The King of Thailand "confines" with a harem of 20 young women
The King of Thailand “confines” with a harem of 20 young women (Photo by KRIT PHROMSAKLA NA SAKOLNAKORN/THAI NEWS PIX/AFP via Getty Images)

Sanitary measures

Sanitary measures although inherent in the COVID-19 pandemic may apply everywhere, some don’t emerge any cleaner. just like the king of Thailand, who flees his people to an expensive hotel. And together with his harem.

Throw your king. the least we will say is that Maha Vajiralongkorn, controversial king of Thailand (Rama X for intimates) doesn’t shine by his discretion. As the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc round the world, the sexagenarian has decided to require refuge within the luxurious hotel at the alpine resort of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany. yet one more proof that confinement exacerbates discrimination in favour of”class privileges”.

And that’s not all since the ruler decided to surround himself with a harem of twenty young women. “Concubines” alongside whom also reside several servants, like the International Business Times details.

Or then again how better to help his patriarchal authority with “exceptional” authorizations, by not caring the slightest bit about the condition of his country.

a big controversy

And this one gives him back his rudeness. Written in Thai and English, the hashtag ” Why can we need a king ?” would are shared no less than 1.2 million times on Twitter in recent hours, pinning the unscrupulousness of a pacesetter “on vacation,” says the media. A leak, but in particular a violation of the sanitary rules effective during this region of Germany, where guest houses and hotels are alleged to have closed their doors.

Recall again, the figures of CNBC in support, that Maha Vajiralongkorn allows himself this trip and this small confinement within the four-star hotel at a time when Thailand, also applying a strict “stay at home” (restaurants and various establishments are closed until further notice) has a minimum of 1,524 cases of coronavirus and nine deaths, and this three months after the beginnings of the epidemic within the country. Data confirmed by the Thai Ministry of Public Health that partly explains the anger of a battered people.

“A Thai King turns a luxury hotel in Bavaria into a ‘home’… and his harem is there too! Rules for citizens, but limitless luxury for the King! For Rama X, the closure of hotels doesn’t apply,” virulence pins the German magazine Bild. we will hardly be clearer.




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