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After the delay due to pandemic, this is the date of iPhone 12 production

iphone 12 production date
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It is known that Apple, used to launch its main iPhone production in September of each year, but this year it was very different from the Corona virus, which caused a delay and fleet of a number of the company’s plans, led by the launch of Apple 12, except that the new information talks about the new date to start production.

 iPhone 12 production
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A new report from DigiTimes revealed, that Apple is planning to complete the second phase of the EVT (the process of validation and engineering testing) of the iPhone 12 series at the end of June, and this means that the company can start production as manufacturers on July, as all copies of iPhone 12 will enter the production stage next month .

“In the third quarter, we usually expect to see a steady increase in revenue from next-generation phone production to our major mobile operator in North America,” “Hock Tan” said. Now this revenue is not expected to be seen until the next quarter.

But new news from the specialized site with accurate sources indicated that Apple is making a great effort to overcome the delay problem that it witnessed during the past months in order to produce copies for the iPhone 12, where intensive production will start from the next July, which prompted it to strengthen the teams of workers On this project, as Apple moved part of the production chain to neighboring Taiwan to overcome the problem of production delays experienced by China in the recent period.

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